Acai bowl - homemade, refined sugar free and delicious!

Unfortunately, the acai bowls you buy at cafes and smoothie shops are often full of added sugar - predominately cane sugar or syrup - and yet they are advertised as "healthy". Many of these options are in fact no better than getting an ice cream, which is absolutely fine as a treat, but not if you think it's something you are buying as a healthier alternative.

I much prefer to make my own, so I know exactly what's in it. My acai always has no added refined sugars, as the sugar from the fruit is enough already! Because of this, it's still something to have in moderation, but definitely a nice little treat you can indulge in knowing it's better for both your body and your wallet than most cafe versions.

Here's my recipe for plain old original acai - check out my other versions here if you like your acai rich and chocolatey or peanut buttery ;) 


- 2 frozen bananas (peeled) 
- 1 packet unsweetened acai (try Amazonia or Sambazon and make sure you double check the ingredients for sneaky hidden extras)
- 1/2 cup pure coconut water
- 2 tbsp flax meal if you want a superfood boost!

Blend all the ingredients together in a high powered blender until smooth, then top with your favourite toppings! 

- Activated buckinis (these add such a nice crunch!)
- Cacao nibs
- Berries
- Coconut flakes
- Sugar-free granola
- Chia/ flax seeds
- Other nuts and seeds: almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pepitas, sesame seeds