5 ingredient Paleo Pancakes with nutty sauce

I am absolutely LOVING pancakes at the moment - you can pack them with protein and good fats, and of course they're sweet and yummy and delicious and moreishhhh...

I wanted to make a simple recipe that was both Paleo and higher in protein than a regular gluten-free pancake, which are often just high in carbs. 

This one is both Paleo and great for those on a keto diet. The LSA & egg gives it a good hit of protein that will keep you full for a long time and give you a good hit of energy, and the berries give that delicious sweetness. The nutty sauce makes you feel a little bit naughty - but you don't have to - this one is pure healthy goodness!



INGREDIENTS (per person):
- 1/3 cup LSA meal
- 1 egg, I prefer organic or even biodynamic if I can get it! 
- 1/2 cup almond milk, my favourite is Inside Out (available at Woolies, AboutLife & Harris Farm)
- Pinch of cinnamon
- 1 tbsp Almond butter or peanut butter (for the sauce)

Optional: 2 tbsp chia, berries & nuts to serve

Put the LSA & cinnamon in a  small bowl, then whisk in the egg & almond milk with a fork. OPTIONAL SUPERCHARGE: add in 2 tbsp chia seeds for a superfood boost. Leave to sit for about 10min to allow the flax in the LSA to thicken the batter.

Put a small about of coconut oil in a pan on medium heat, and cook the pancakes until golden. I like to add blueberries while they're in the pan so they cook in the pancakes! Make sure you leave them a couple of minutes before you flip them.

For the sauce, I simply get 1 tbsp of your favourite nut butter and blend with a little water to make it a nice runny consistency. If you want to be a bit more naughty, add in some good quality maple syrup & cacao powder to make it a sweet chocolatey sauce! 

Serve topped with berries and nuts.