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So who is this "Zo Good" character?

1. full-time acai addict
2. recent law graduate
3. adventure loving snow reporter (yes this happened)


Hi! I'm Zoë Fitzpatrick

....a healthy-food-loving, law graduate, procrastibaking acai addict from Sydney Australia. I live for my next meal, have just done a season as a snow reporter in Thredbo, and love a good yoga session (but don't be fooled, I'm completely inflexible, still can't touch my toes). I came to my love of healthy food out of necessity, after being diagnosed with a liver disease when I was 18.

All the recipes you'll find here are GLUTEN, DAIRY and SUGAR-FREE, but despite what some may say, it's 100% NOT fun free! 

Head to the recipe page for my latest creation, or check out my healthy cooking classes if you want to learn more. Don't forget to follow me on instagram or shoot me an email!